Career Courses with Al-Nafi Institute

HUM-WE collaborated with Al-Nafi Institute to offer career courses in the field of Information Technology for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. This collaboration was designed to equip single mothers and women who are struggling with their finances due to domestic situations, and bring financial independence in their lives.

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Counselling to the distressed abused victims is sometime extended in dire cases to help them come out of their abused relationship. Counselling helps them to give emotional strength and independence.

Listening Ear (Drop In Centre)

The program is to connect women specially the abused victims who are experiencing isolation and distress to come out of the shell and to feel worthy.

One on One (Skill Program)

The program teaches some old skills such as knitting, flower arrangements with new techniques. This gives them an opportunity to learn and use it to earn some extra cash. The volunteers of Hum-WE offer their skills to teach on purely volunteer basis. It also helps Hum-WE to spread the word among the community members and create awareness about domestic violence and abuse.

We Connect

Hum-WE also host a TV show We Connect which is a very effective source to convey the message in the community. It gives us a freedom to touch the sensitive issue and discuss the stigma in an appropriate manner. Sometimes we also invite audience along with our guests speakers to participate directly with our guests and ask their questions. It helps us to open more and discuss all the cultural aspects to eradicate the abuse from our community

Our media partner. Our strong voice

Hum-WE believes in advocacy through all the mediums and resources available in GTA. We spread word through Toronto 360,the most watched channel in South Asian community across North America. We much appreciate their cooperation with our work.

Toronto 360 a local ethnic TV channel